"A blind knight travelling with flying ice creams, chickens entering doors, and falling gift boxes waiting to be unwrapped with lasers. We're here to break the impatient system!"

Ever since summer 2008, ToadieTechnika with Roan Contreras behind the alias, develops freeware games. The games that are free to play at no cost! We want to see our imaginations wild in every series of these short games. We hope you'll like our work!

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About the author

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Roan Contreras is a self-thought indie game developer for more than 5 years (since 2008). He is the one - man creator behind ToadieTechnika (Including former team names such as Toadie Project and ToadArt Productions). He graduated at college with a degree of AB Multimedia Arts, which doesn't include educational background on game programming. On the internet, he's known as ToadieTechnika and Toadfrogs.

At present, he creates games using Unity. He also used a lot of game creation apps just to explore the possibilities and power of game development through Adventure Maker, Game Maker, Stencyl and Construct 2.

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