Privacy Policy

"Thank you for playing our games!"

That's all from ToadieTechnika. We thank you for playing our games safely. For the sake of insecurities of the internet these days, here's something important for you to understand. In order to ensure that everything will be alright before and after playing our games, this privacy policy will enlighten you. This applies to all the games that I've published for the internet, desktops and even for android smartphones.

Our games doesn't have any form of advertisements, so we're not going to pop up anything that is "out of place". We will not punch your face with a full page poster that may cause conflict of attention. Your system will also not be infected by any form of virus as well.

For accessibility of my games to you, here's what you need to know.

All of my games will have access to:

All of my games will NOT have access to:

That's all for the privacy policy, thanks for reading and have fun playing my games. Stay safe!

©2018, written by Roan Contreras