Caution: Use this only when you get stuck! Incoming spoilers...

Best played in full screen, and listening to the tune before you attempt these tasks.

  1. A loading screen with Unity logo and a loading bar will pop up. The game should load.
  2. You'll be seeing 2 images with the "Made with Unity" below, wait for them to appear then fade.
  3. A frame based from the booting screen of Windows 10 (or 8). Drag the logo to the loading circle below.
  4. "Do not touch the screen", click the loading circle a lot of times.
  5. "Do not drag yourself around", drag the loading circle from left to right over and over.
  6. "Do not lose focus on this window", switch applications (you can do it with "Alt + Tab") from the game (or web browser, or the tab) from another then return to the game. Repeat it a bunch of times.
  7. "Do not type this state multiple times", type the word "loading" 3 times (you can't see what you're typing on the screen. The 3rd time will be encoded as "loadin").
  8. "Do not move", don't move the cursor at all costs. Also, don't switch applications back and fourth.
  9. Battle with the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Click anywhere on the screen when the graphic on the upper left is a loading circle. This increases the complete meter by 1%, otherwise, it will decrease by 3%.

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